Heads up, this is a brain dump. A look inside the alleged mind space of an overworked, adrenaline burnt wanna-be writer.

Another post, not a story, I really need to get back to the flash fiction stories. Sorry about that. But today’s prompt set things up clear as to what I’ve been struggling with.

Did that make any kind of sense? See, I’m running on fumes here. I have the six kids as noted in the Bio. The youngest is about six months old and I’ve not had a full nights sleep in about two months at this point. The truth is that I should probably be sleeping right now, but I don’t have the time. After I’m done this post I have some paying actual work to get done. That leads me to the topic of the post today (Tonight? It’s just past midnight so I’m already late with this.)

The topic? Oh, right. I have three choices to place my remaining time and energy into.

First and foremost is that I am a family guy. Six kids, an amazing wife and I want to be here for them. They come first. I work to be their dad and husband, not the other way around. So after that,with my remaining time in a day, what do I focus on?

I spent the better part of a decade getting my CPA designation, (Certified Professional Accountant designation), and as such I am a recognized member of both BC and Canada’s CPA bodies. I pay good money for the privilege of remaining thus. But in this climate with my solid moral standing, the career pays sufficiently to keep us fed and housed, but not much more. Thus, first choice, focus efforts on generating billable CPA hours. There’s a solid game plan in place to get me from ‘meh’ caliber to ‘damn-fine’ caliber of income earning, do I focus here? It will always be trading time for money.

Second choice, Writing. Fiction writing specifically, or on demand writing, freelance. That’s not going to pay much at the outset. But the passion, the stories that crowd into my headspace until it hurts if I don’t get them out. Other writers know of what I speak, and non-writers, the not-story-tellers among us will always just look confused. See, I can’t sing a song without it morphing into something else, I can’t recite a poem without it gaining momentum and context and depth of characters. I can’t just not think about the people and their stories. See, that’s my issue. The stories are about the people, and being as empathic as I actually am (despite being a confirmed loner and introvert) I really care about these people, even though they’re not real.

Is my -weird- showing?

Anyhow, second choice, my stories, and pursuing a self-pub career (gotta say it’s appealing).

Third option, online income, build the affiliate market pages, the e-mail listing, drop-shipping businesses, or any of the dozen or so similar options. I’ve tried so many and reviewed so much that it hurts me to think too much on the time wasted. I’ve put up a blog post over at Wealthy Affiliate about what I’ve been through in short, tried so many different options, and got burned on a few, or left hanging on others. I have found a site that is more about learning how it all works, and supporting me through it (See Wealthy Affiliate, yes this is an affiliate link, duh) while I learn the ropes. Is it free? Yeah, it can be, or you can pony up and the price is less that it costs to fill my truck for a week, so there is that.

Thus, to recap, where does one put the time?

For the moment, the focus is always going to be


Billable hours for CPA activities (hey, I have to feed the kids and keep the house fixed).

Then the online affiliate income (and maybe some more)

Finally the writing, but the writing can’t stop, it won’t let me.

Choices? I guess I figured out what mine were, thanks for listening. Where are you conflicted in your choices, or even just how’s life. See, I really care about your stories. Life is just a story in the end, and I want to know yours. Drop me a line and let’s trade stories.

No hiding, I’m also trying to build an e-mail list so that the writing thing can get off the ground. No pressure, but here’s the sign-up link. I don’t send much but there’s a link to a free short story there (at least there’s supposed to be, let me know if it doesn’t work right).